Thursday, 17 September 2015

Autumn Nail Ideas

Hello there squirrels (wow, I really need to decide on a name),

 As I've mentioned before, I am emphatically an autumn/winter fanatic. Regrettably my nails are habitually short due to the toll of the arts, and of course bad habits... But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a little calming pampering every now and then.
I've put together a list of combinations I've recently been wearing in order to get into the autumnal spirit.

The Glistening Moose

A neutral tone with a touch of delicate glitter adds just the right amount of magic for the early autumn mornings, without looking too keen for Christmas. Admittedly, this is one of my favorites.

 Tanya Burr | Penguin Chic & Rimmel | Finishing Touch Glitter Top Coat 13

The Iridescent House Elf 

Another neutral with a splash of iridescence is a subtle way to express your inner-angel.

Essie | Ladylike & Ciate | PP089- Halo

The Sophisticated Raven

Although a single nail polish, having a matte effect shouts a 'don't mess with me' vibe. Perfect for Halloween and adding a smooth, rich aura to lure people in whilst mixing your cauldron.

Avon | Magic Effects Matte- Black

The Classy Mulberry

Similar to the black matte, adding a topcoat, clear matte polish not only strengthens your nails but also spices up an already chic colour. A dark purple shade acts as a bold statement perfect for the colder seasons.

Kelly Brook | Matte Top Coat & Tanya Burr | New York Night

 The Magically Exploding Fireplace

A warm, autumnal tone together with a top coat of gold glitter screams 'fall' (and once again, Christmas). It's like the leaves had fallen to the ground and stars shone down from the skies; like you're sat by the fireside wrapped in a meter of itchy tinsel... You get the idea.

Collection | Lasting Gel Nail Colour- Daredevil 17 & Technic | 19 

 The Sparkle Robin

An overload of glitter combined with a deep, brilliant red. You can't really get more festive than that. Every time you catch a glimpse of your jolly nails, a sense of joviality and belonging fills your heart. (As you strut downtown like a bewitching disco-ball)

Rimmel | Disco Diva- 019 & Rimmel | Rapid Ruby- 320

  The 007 Vintage Tree

  Why 007? Because a rustic brown with iridescence and texture is of course a bold autumn representation in itself; but by including a spec of glitter, it allows you to express your eager festivity without being too obvious. It looks vintage, but with hidden intentions of a merry spirit.

Barry M | Countess- 349

The Sexy Poltergeist

Glow in the dark top coat, plus piercing, silky black; means one seductive ghost. Imagine Nearly-headless Nick in a tuxedo, or Moaning Myrtle at the Yule Ball. Perhaps a classy addition to a Halloween party.

17 | Fast Finish Nightshade & Essence | Fly Firefly Fly

The Dashing Big-Foot

Simply a pearly white base and a crystal pool of dazzling tinsel. You could be a personification of the weather. Well, in the UK anyway.

Rimmel | Silver Bullet- 730 & Technic | Sparkle Top Coat- Daydreamer

So there we are, phew that took a while. But nevertheless I think this will keep me occupied with routinely manicures through the coming months. On that note....
(I've put links with each on where to find the products online to purchase.)


B x