Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Curb Of Social Media

Hello there pumpkins,

A bit of a predicament has been niggling at me for a while now, and it is something so many of us encounter in many instances. Knowing your limits on social media. No, not in terms of the classic 'rants', 'bitching' or the usual tomfoolery; but when temptation and fixation cause us only destruction.
These modern-age methods of communication and social updates are incredible. We can share our love, worries and memories. It can bring the paramount of joys, or in difficult times, a downward spiral of self-hatred.
When we're alone, we are able to diddle-daddle through our feeds on Facebook, scrolling endlessly in fascination at what friends and family are up to. Even stalking lures us in to the desolate ends of the internet when we stop and wonder what the hell we're doing.
But anyhow, despite the warmth and comfort we receive when feeling involved with the community through these updates, it is easy to get jealous. In my case for example, I've been scrolling through post to post about everyone I once knew moving on and beginning University; while I'm not. I then feel more isolated than ever, hopeless, worthless and spiral into a dark place. Yet despite knowing what destruction it's causing, I am too tempted and continue scrolling. Why?
Because when we're sat crouched down at our little screens, it is programmed in our minds to instantaneously compare our lives to theirs. Seeing everyone on one page, appears as though they are grouped in some sort of social gathering while we are obliviously staring at our laptop, alone.
No matter the circumstance, we've all felt this way. Whether it's university, relationships, health, wealth or friendship groups to be yearning for; we always carry on looking.
Still, there is one simple solution. Stop and walk away.
Keep mindful of things which affect you on Facebook, then take a break and do something more important than comparing yourself.
Why not do something that your good at? Boost your self-esteem, prove you're a unique individual who has a completely separate life from theirs, writing your own story.
You, are enough. Just because everyone's doing something you're not, doesn't mean you are a failure or don't fit in. It simply means you're walking a different path. You are your own person and can write your next chapter however you want.
Actually, taking my example into account, something just as simple as a snuggly bit of optimism can be worthwhile. Go ahead and comment on people's updates, wishing them the best of luck and offering your support. You'd be surprised how much this can help, particularly if you are genuinely proud of them. Not only does this make you feel more connected and involved as opposed to detached, but it actually pushes up the pedestal and puts you at the same level. You will no longer be looking up to them in heartbreak, but supporting them eye-to-eye as equals.
If you cannot rid the overwhelming emotion, put it aside and walk away. When we mindlessly scroll, it is easy to to become fixated and blind of what you're doing to yourself. So it is so unbelievably important to be mindful.
Don't wonder why you didn't, why you won't or when. Focus on the present moment and don't let a silly little website ruin your day.
"Every morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most." -Buddha
So on that note, let's burrow into a squishy cushion with a hot beverage and fluffy bed-socks, because it is....

Until Christmas!?....

Too early? I couldn't help myself.


B x