Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Halloween 2015 | Nightlife Makeup

Hello there witches and wizards (I'll accept squibs),

The frightful festivity of Halloween is soon approaching, and I for one can't wait to scoop out the glutinous, moist, mucous-covered seeds from the insides of a pumpkin. Yes, generally speaking I will be spending October 31st having a good ol' shindig in my room. Nonetheless, I've always wanted to have a bash at some arty (ish) eye-shadow looks, so here goes. If you find this even remotely useful, please do let me know and I may go ahead to do some more. If not, then bibby-bobiddy-boop.

If you would by any chance like to know what products are featured, I'll try to link them in each step.

  1   After priming and all that jazz, begin with a base layer of cerulean blue from a palette, covering the entire eyelid, just below the waterline and curving gently down the side of the nose. Use a light, arctic tone in the center.
    Go ahead to darken the outer corners of the eye, in a diagonal line up to the tip of the eyebrow. If you don't want it too harsh, bled with finger. An aegean blue going into silver would do nicely

   Use a black pencil to line the eyes, both top and bottom. It doesn't have to be too neat because you'll be blending over it. The softer the pencil, the better.
  With a black/ charcoal grey shadow, use a fine brush to apply along the eyeliner and blend outward. Blend the same shade into the crease, and follow the diagonal outer-line, fading out.

  Continue to build up the layers, being as vibrant or as muted as you desire. Try working a deep indigo into the crease outwards, and a shimmering violet in towards the nose. It gives it a slightly more 'magical' effect.

  Here's where I chose to go a little overboard. Use a silver cream pencil (or pigment if you can't find one) to fill the eyebrows, blending the blues and darker shades into the ends. Use this to add specs of silver dotted over the brow-bone, like the stars of the night sky.
7   I found these funky bat-lashes in ASDA, but I'm pretty sure they're sold online on multiple websites. The bats look as if they're flying in the night sky, I got far too excited by this. Anyhow, apply mascara with or without the bats.

  Since I was mainly focusing on the eyes, I went for quite a minimal look for the rest of the face. I simply just used concealer and dabbed a little on my lips. It gives a slightly icy, frosted appearance and helps direct attention to your wacky eyes.

And there we are, one extremely awkward makeup look. I must say, that was my first time using false lashes, and the struggle was unbelievable. I failed to think of trimming them down before applying, therefore I nearly poked my eye out. Just putting it out there. Besides my amateurism, I actually found this rather interesting, enjoyable in fact. I hope you liked this night themed, bat, ice... thing.


B x