Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Halloween 2015 | The Pixie

Hello there vampire bats,

Since I enjoyed the experimentation aspect of the last Halloween post, it only made sense to attempt yet another 'spooky' getup. Well, I say spooky, but evidently this particular look has taken a relatively mythical turn. Throughout my years I have, perhaps unfortunately, been labeled 'pixie-like' by a fair few. So therefore I have disturbingly given a whirl at this bizarre, nymph thingy-ma-gig. It's hardly necessary to point out that I am no professional, nor do I have a clue what I am doing and appear somewhat creepy. With that said, brace yourselves.

1   Prime, base layer of gold. Like a fairy has defecated all over your eyelids.

2  Darken crease with a mulberry and bring below waterline.

3  Use eyeliner (preferably not waterproof, as I idiotically did) to line eyes, bringing the inner corner further like an outward hook.

4  Fill in the hook from dark to light, gradient the colours out towards the center-ear level. Perhaps add some tawny browns and reds. I'm keeping the lids themselves more minimal as the crazy eyelashes will likely cover them.

5  Continue to darken to desired effect. I went all out and just smothered gold on the bridge of my nose and so on.

6  What the hell, just go mental.

7 Umber eye-shadow, eyebrows. *shrugs*

8  Oh good lord. My, I'm off one's rocker. Golden, tinsel-like lashes, Tanya Burr Lip-gloss, and tribal shadows.

9   The ears are from ASDA. (Walmart?) KILL IT. KILL IT WITH FIRE. Apologies for that, the images are rather unnerving. Anyhow, to all intents and purposes, the pixie look is complete. Hallelujah.

Well that's that. Halloween is closing in, and I have made my contribution. I hope you liked this... Creation.

Have a lovely week, I'm off to fly through the trees with goblins and such.


B x