Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wise Words Of Van Gogh

Hello there,

So, it seemed fitting to honor my first blog post with a simple 'arty-farty' quote from the stellar man himself, Vincent van Gogh, a somewhat relate-able inspiration of mine. Though to be quite honest, I just painted flowers upon a canvas and needed an excuse to slide in a quote somewhere:
 In case you can't tell, I may be slightly obsessed with anything remotely 'magical'; likely due to a Harry Potter-heavy upbringing. Hence why this quote caught my attention. It's not one of his most known, but it certainly deserves more recognition. Of course it depends on how you interpret it, but it sort of links in with the idea of mindfulness.  To anyone who may have struggled with mental health, or in fact anyone needing to live a healthier, happier life; the practice of being mindful helps a great deal more than you'd expect. Now, having tried numerous different therapies within the past few years, somehow, the one thing that has struck a chord is this. Even something as simple as walking along the pavement and taking a few breaths looking at the trees. You suddenly become aware of their utmost beauty and dominance over the landscapes. You're grounded, at peace, and an equal.

Personally, I mainly stay present through art, whether it be clay, watercolors, acrylics or fine-liner. Anyhow, whatever the week brings, I intend to blog away my thoughts, opinions and experiences. Loving the arts, books, fashion, beauty and anything quirky or helpful drives my efforts to write. My intentions evolve around both my life's journal and helping others, so there we are, here the journey begins...

" Not until we are lost, do we understand ourselves"
B x