Tuesday, 8 September 2015

University | The Truth About Decisions

Hello there pumpkins,

The time has befallen, university. Most who I've seen blossom within the last couple of years have now taken the dreaded yet exhilarating leap to moving away from home and joining a community of honorary, dedicated students. However, while they're all off trotting around the country, I, and like plenty before me, have taken a gap year.
Without doubt we are all somewhat 'pressured' to immediately head off to university. To make this huge and life-dependent decision or fall into the abyss of a tragic future. But please for the sake of humanity, stop for a moment! It's the job of tutors to ensure they see us off to further education, so yes, listen intently to what they have to say, but remember you have alternatives, too.
 If you know for certain that you are ready, then off to uni you go. If you're slightly 'iffy', then by all means take a step back, breathe and have a good ol' think. Gap year's are always a good option for either gaining a little work experience, thoroughly researching what industry you're heading towards and deciding upon courses without the rush or pressures. Also, I think it is of the utmost importance to take into consideration your own well-being before jumping into things.
For example, I became increasingly eager and continued to make impulsive decisions on where I wanted to go and what courses I would take; whilst being undeniably stubborn. It was only at the last minute (after I had been made offers, so yes it is possible to change at the last minute depending on your conditions) that I was persuaded by those around me to deffer my application by a year because I would barely last a day with my current state of health, which is true despite how much I denied it. So ultimately, if you don't think you're ready, struggling with mental illness, or think you need time to recover yourself, that's okay. You are allowed. Just make sure you get some opinions on the matter, but essentially if you're going to dedicate the next three or four years to university, then surely you want to make the best of it than suffer throughout because you chose to ignore your well-being.
Of course if you simply want a break from the strenuous education system, some popular options during a gap year are:
  • Traveling (conquering) the world.
  • Earn some cash through small jobs in relation to your intended industry. (Even freelance work? Worth a shot)
  • Enhance your CV- work experience; take up every opportunity; expand out of your comfort zone and branch out.
  • Take care of yourself, and live for what makes you happy for a change.
  Good luck to all whose off to uni, and best wishes to those who aren't.


B x