Sunday, 25 October 2015

Have You Lost Your Life?

Hello there fallow deers,

Often breath becomes abstract, our presence a mere cloud yet hollow,
Obscured though strained, purportless and impaired,
Our heart blistered and bruised lilac, while the rope deceives to follow, 
Caged in our sultry sphere, only yearning and confounded,
Beings striding the earth with complacency, but alone,
For our self we abolish hope of that luxury, futile to stay grounded,

We have lost our life, molten from the ostensible flame of torture,
Unknown of the reality, sentience but cloaked in retreat,
To solve is to uncover, it lies beneath in fiery scorcher,
For life is to breathe, take note of ambiance and charm, 
Inapt is future and past, purpose is but a whisper,
All can harness the strength and will, needn't resort to harm,

Oaks be resilient, their cycles exist infinitely with grace,
Prancing forth through either path, a wild ballet by our toes,
Condition matters not, only our minds destined to embrace,
We find our life eternally within, a dwelling we scarcely peek,
Not once dominate did death, but simply beguile our health, 
Life thrives through our senses, painting what we seek.

I urge you to decode my wee' attempt at poetry, it holds a message which drives me on. We all lose hope, or perhaps in this sense feel as though we have lost our lives. Until all that remains is a tired soul, wandering day by day, closer to that cliff edge which tempts us to a close. Take note of what the poem speaks. Your story is important as anyone's, undefined and open to your blank canvas. Create, appreciate, meditate, breathe, look closely.

In other news (because it's always necessary to end on a high-note), I have recently discovered that this year my birthday falls on 'black Friday', a relatively new concept only introduced to the UK within the past few years. So, looks that that's going to be a squabble of a day.


B x