Sunday, 6 September 2015

First Time Glasses

Hello there pumpkins,

Yesterday, I finally received my first frames due to being short-sighted. Admittedly, my entire life I had always insisted I wouldn't need glasses at least until surpassing my adult years, but little did I realize that within the last two, my eyesight would deteriorate. 
Countless times I would joke about wanting specs of my own. Jeez, I should have been careful what I wished for. Although, the relief and wonderment experienced as I stared blankly through the lenses for the first time, truly put things into 'perspective'. I cannot put into words how magnificent the world now seems, even more so than before. The pure, crisp beauty of nature breathes life. With every solemn leaf dancing through the air to its grounded-retreat, comes elegance and discernible artistry which my eyes can genuinely appreciate! Never will I take my sight for granted again, because every single thing on this earth is precious, and especially so with the gift of vision. 
It is important to look after yourself, first in line. Regardless of your age, your senses can be damaged at any stage, so be careful. I never even dared to think that at 18, this would happen. Ey, mental illness sucks. Anyhow, let's turn the mood around. 
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the snazzy pair. Courtesy (and with the utmost thanks) of my wonderful Godfather.

 So, take care,

B x