Saturday, 19 September 2015

Blogging | Saga Saturday

Hello there coffee beans (still deciding on a name),

Prior to writing this post, I've always had the desire to write a diary, journal or something of the sort. But to be frank I just cannot handle it, particularly if I'm not in the best of moods. As I'm sure you've all experienced; if you feel like snapping a pencil in half you're going to struggle using it to write. Anyhow, to be more positive, I thought this approach would be of much more use to myself and anyone who has kindly took the time to read this.
Every Saturday I am going to do a weekly roundup of favorites (as listed below), and highlights. That way, you can share discoveries and likes through the web and try to turn the week around.
So, let's begin! (How climactic...)

Weekly Favorites:

 "When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind."

  'The Only Thing' by Sufjan Stevens.  I used to listen to this on the way to college, though recently I've found it quite relaxing to have in the background while I toddle around doing arty things.

   Starry Night by Van Gogh. No doubt this is one of my all-time favorites. Not only because of the incredible technique, colour and intriguing concept, but because of the story behind the painting.

  'Over It', a TEDx talk by Dave Chawner. Really insightful and worth checking out. He makes light of the dark, adding humor where most won't see it, he's rather hilarious actually.

 I'm rather late to this, but my recent discovery is Pinterest. For anyone oblivious, like myself a few weeks ago, you essentially 'pin' your interests. It has endless images/ links to inspire you in all subjects and categories. Save your highlights, share to the world, and off you pop. My own page: Becboox.

 This photo holds an abundance of memories, largely from my 15th birthday, back in 2011. This day was one of
my happiest. Not only was it the first acting class I attended, but I spent the entire day with my best friend, my soul mate (Good lord this is getting soppy). We waltzed around Manchester; saw beauty in the amazingly-lit city at night; fan-girled at the fact we were stood outside the official BBC building; strolled in awe at the Christmas markets; enjoyed a Starbucks and returned home to a sleepover with Merlin DVDs, birthday cake and hysterical laughing fits. They were the good ol' days. Makes me smile every time I see this photo, I hope it does the same for my friend too.

Weekly Highlights:

   Inevitably, this one is relatively difficult to answer, particularly when you've had a formidable
week. But pushing yourself to focus on the lighter path boosts your optimism in the future.
For this reason, my highlighted moment in the past week has to be simply getting into blogging. It takes my mind off things, allows me to continue to hone my love for writing, and hide behind the fact that I have no social life *laughs hysterically*(Help).

   Now, this may sound quite indecent of me, but I got half-naked in front of a kind lady without panicking too much. Hear me out before you make judgements, deary me. It was a circumstance I couldn't avoid, nurses insist you strip your top-half before you take an ECG. Although I see this as an achievement, I'm pretty sure the nurse was scarred for life.

Well that's that. Feel free to use this idea, or write your own response of your 'Saga Saturday', I'm interested. You can all be positive and optimistic if you really focus on the right path.


B x