Sunday, 13 December 2015

Blogmas Week Two | Video

Hello there wee' turtle doves,

Week two of 'vlogmas' is up. Well, this take on the video documentation anyway. In all honesty I'm rather surprised that I managed to piece together a video at all considering how little my life consists of these days.

This week we (my mother and I) paid a visit to our local garden centre, wonderful places which are all too often avoided, particularly by the younger generations. Admittedly I have always been thrilled to take a visit, having fallen in love with them since my mother first introduced me to their phenomenal Christmas displays. If you want a festive explosion to please the eye, a garden centre is the place to go. Not only that but they often have a humongous selection of decorations/ gifts on offer. The majority are also home to a wee' cafe, which is of course a must for coffee-lovers (or addicts like myself...) who would enjoy the fresh, invigorating surroundings.

We also began to decorate the gloomy depths of the house, making the most of my father being out! My own room perhaps being the most exaggerated. Unfortunately we didn't get round to decorating the tree itself, so I'm over the moon to be including that process in next week's video.

I believe that is all the major events from the past week. Other than overly- disappointing medical appointments which obviously wouldn't have made it into vlogmas.

Anyhow, I do hope you are well as usual. Please if it is not too much trouble, check out the YouTube video, like/share ect!


B x