Saturday, 17 October 2015

Ye Olde London | Saga Saturday

 Hello there grizzly bears,

Goodness me it is cold, as I am writing this in fact, I am snuggled by a radiator with two dressing-gowns swathing me. Quite frankly, the sudden drop in temperature here in the UK is likely the reason for my inability to sleep, playing the Sims 3 until 3am. Is that a good enough excuse?
Anyhow, it's time for yet another weekly roundup of favorites and highlights. Admittedly it is going to be a rather tough one, but hey-ho, life's an enigma and I'm up for a fathom.

Weekly Favorites:

 "Whatever happens, wherever you go, whatever you do, remember this: no one can take the fire out of your soul, the stars from your eyes, the passion in your heart. Those are yours forever."

'Little Soldier by Mindy Gledhill'. Ah, the sweet melodies of Christmas. This has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. It used to calm me down when alone and notably anxious, which was realistically how I spent every ounce of my time in college. Wahey, the joys of student life. But yes, this lovely piece of music gives warmth and comfort as it urges you to sit and sway by the log fire.

'Winter Moon by Whi Yi'. This work has quite an interesting use of lines, which I find somewhat intriguing considering the subject matter. Despite highlighting the 'winter moon', the artist seems to develop on the perhaps more 'glum' aspects of the season; yet attracts the eye to the focal point at the end of the endless wavy lines. However, I find it quite alluring and subtly pulls me into the winter mood. A certain chill in the air.

'Words of wisdom from an unexpected citizen'. This guy is simply incredible. There's not many people as determined in the world as him, and takes a hell of a lot of guts to do what he does. Mathew Silver walks through New York City in his underwear, beckoning words of genuine wisdom to the public. He is truly inspirational, and prevails to put forward his beliefs of love between human kind. Check him out if you want a jolly good boost.

Hmm, this one may sound slightly odd in comparison to my usual waffle. Simply, hot-water bottles. Not in the sense to bring warmth (because that is a daily ritual for myself anyway), but in terms on soothing pain. If you're experiencing some sort of ache/pain/ muscle tension, try holding one over the area. I've been having kidney pain and let me tell you; this toasty, snug bottle of miraculous relaxation is the red-breast to my robin. Moving on...

In my first year doing A levels, my drama group took a trip to London, touring theaters and such. It was my first time experiencing this great capital, and one I truly wish to return to. Now, I cannot stress this enough; always make the most of every adventure, live every second within the moment and appreciate all sights, do not waste time with oppressive thoughts. Despite having dreamt of visiting London, I wasted the entire trip, only being left with memories of dejection. I allowed my mind to take control, ensuring every moment which should have been treasured to become an episode of anguish and self-hatred. I'm sure we've all been through similar situations, which is why it is so fundamentally important to live in the moment and appreciate what you are being given around you; the world's gift. London itself is a beautiful city, filled with life and incredible culture, the theaters brimming with history and compelling tales. Yet I spent the entire time hiding behind a friend, isolated, embarrassed, and did not allow myself to buy anything other than a chap-stick because I 'didn't deserve it'. Not to mention I experienced one of the worst evenings of my life whilst there, which I won't go in to for perhaps triggering reasons. So please for the sake of your own well-being; make the most of everything. Kick the hell outta' that goblin on your shoulder and prance forth on your adventures. *roar of applause*

Weekly Highlights:

I won't lie, I've been staring at this section for ages and cannot for the life of me think of anything to write. Oh, actually, I know! Goodness, I'm literally typing my train of thought here, oh well. Anyhow, I had a good ol' chat with an old friend (hello there Emma Barlow if you're reading this!), she really put a smile on my face and brightened my week, therefore deserves to be featured. Check out her Instagram, she's an inspirational, kind, caring, beautiful young lady who deserves more recognition for her greatness. Despite the two of us being somewhat enemies in the earlier 'primary school' years, our friendship flipped and now I miss her tonnes, and of course I#m wishing her all the best whilst in University.

 I'm still alive! Meh, that'll do.

All done, wahoo. Again feel free to use this idea of your 'Saga Saturday', I'm interested. You can all be positive and optimistic if you really focus on the right path.


B x