Friday, 30 October 2015

Hector The Pumpkin | Halloween 2015

Hello there ominous owls,

Halloween is hereafter, the supermarket pumpkins are beginning to rot and mutate into moldy sludge, and we're all unleashing our inner-animagi. Rather dismally, I must admit that I have not carved one of these bulbous, orange legumes for the past five-ish years. Seeing that I now both have the time and incentive to do so, I thought I'd finally give it a bash.
Despite having used an abnormally minuscule pumpkin, it made the entire ordeal quite a degree easier. Considering after a few days propped against a window-ledge, every effort would have decayed, therefore the prospect of hard work didn't seem to appeal to me. Anyhow, without further nattering, please welcome...

........Mr Hector and his somewhat deadpan buddy. At least I can say I contributed to Halloween this year, can't I? Either way, regardless of his furrowed appearance, it was carved at 10:30pm so that's my meager excuse.

How thrilling, what a night it is when your time consists of staring blankly into the depths of Hector's hollow eyes, as he burns from within, eventually falling limply into a pile of goop.
Nevertheless, it's presence does certainly bring a whole lotta' atmosphere. In all honestly, I don't think I've ever felt as autumnal/ spookily festive.

Also, here's a little tip. I would recommend carving a pumpkin atop a covered surface. I made the careless, fatal mistake of doing it on a carpet. Yes it is common sense, but clearly that is what I lack.

One more thing to mention, try not to use a huge knife, it may not end well and clearly doesn't allow for the best detailing or technique.
And with that, of course it must be said. Happy Halloween. My best wishes go out to everyone celebrating this year, particularly with the loss of trick or treater's these days. I only wish fiction became a reality in this instance, I think the majority of potterheads would jump at the thrill of a 'Troll, in the dungeons!' this October 31st.

Anyhow, enjoy the festivities and think of poor old Hector as he rots.


B x