Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Birth Of Moon Nuttygirdle | The Sims 3

Hello there bluebells,

Seeing as I'm aimlessly floating in the midst of a gap year, at long last I can rediscover my (slight) obsession with gaming. While I find it difficult to actually 'allow' myself to indulge in something I enjoy, I couldn't say no to a childhood-favorite.
I'm sure we all remember the original Sims PC game from back in the day, when the oven burst into flames every ten seconds; the repetitive, nifty music; finding unexplained pee practically everywhere; using endless cheat-codes because you couldn't afford anything decent on build mode, and the fact that no matter how hard you tried, all your sims looked the same. Despite how undeniably terrible it was compared to the newer versions, I used to get completely hyped when I installed the Makin' Magic pack, forever pretending your sim was off to Hogwarts.
So, though I'm profoundly late to the trend, I thought I'd give Sims 3 a go. But properly this time. (ie. no cheating my way to a millionaire mansion.)
I'm going to make this into a story of some-sort, documenting the life of a sim. Perhaps this will compensate for my misanthrope lifestyle. Eek, this is rather exciting.

     The creation...
  Oh how I've missed morphing characters.  Anyhow, say hello to Moon Nuttygirdle. It's fair to say I
had quite a bit of fun messing around with facial features. In all honesty, I find that both character creation and building properties are one of the best aspects of the entire game. Seriously, I could spend hours just designing the living room.
Moon is a young adult, and has inherited one of the classic sim traits.. Being rather, weird.

I might make a little story out of this, who knows. Perhaps document a day in her life where all sorts of ruckus takes place.
Somewhat over-board on the garden...

 Moon is certainly one of the most bizarre individuals I have ever encountered in any simulation game. When left without my control, I keep finding her either talking (squabbling like an outraged penguin) to herself, or speeding around the neighborhood in torment.

 What I then also noticed, was that it wasn't simply a coincidence that her expression consistently resembled a look of utter confusion; but that I had simple-mindedly rotated her eyebrows a little too far. Nevertheless I refuse to make any changes, it's far too humorous.

I even returned to my screen to find this... Moon, swimming aimlessly in the sea, alone. And what's quite worrying is that instead of changing into her swimsuit, she appeared to have decided that 'formal attire' would be the best option to take a dip in. It's relatively amusing. I seem to have created a personification of whatever insanity is going on inside my head, oh the joys.

As a proud 'mother' of Moon Nuttygirdle, I am delighted to share her first painting.Which may I say, she was overly keen on completing.

  I know, I have no idea what it is supposed to be either. I suppose it must be an abstract piece, resembling how empty her mind must be since afterwards she threw a tantrum due to not being able to get past the easel.

Anyways, that's that. The first day of Moon Nuttygirdle. What a fruitful life she will lead. I do hope you're all having a lovely weekend and are embracing this beautiful season.

(Also, I'm having to skip this week's Saga Saturday, due to being very unwell this week, hence why there's been less blog posts than usual. Yippee.)


B x