Monday, 7 December 2015

Blogmas Week One | Video

Hello there prancing reindeer,

My, my, my. It has been quite a while. Well, in terms of this blog's schedules anyhow. Throughout the past couple of weeks this has been a wee' project of mine. Filmography has always been a keen interest, but I neither had time or the reason to take it up. Nevertheless, at long last it has been done! The voice-over is a sweet, Christmas-y poem (of course, what a surprise). I think initially I'd rather ease myself into the whole 'YouTube' squabble, plus in a sense it added a little atmosphere to the video.
I intend to carry this weekly Vlogmas (and Blogmas on here) up until Christmas day itself. Not entirely sure how this is going to work out, but hey-ho, I enjoy it. And I hope you do too, fingers and toes crossed. I would be eternally grateful for any likes/shares/comments and feedback!
Wishing you a merry, jolly, festive, cheerful month.


B x