Saturday, 14 November 2015

Writing A Novel

Hello there prancing elks,

Something rather inconceivable has recently come to pass. Something I would have ever in my wildest dreams thought would happen. Something I have long desired. Well, the title of this blog says it all. Now, before this get's all soppy, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Journey Through The Hidden.

 "A college student with grave, mental struggles, Via finds herself abruptly hitting rock-bottom. Jumping from a woodland bridge, an unusual story unfolds, but did she succeed in her act of suicide? Her journey through 1800's France, encounters with influential figures such as van Gogh, and a festive adventure with the bearded man himself, may at last reveal the key to life itself. This compelling tale is inspired from the author's real experiences, with both aims of raising awareness and understanding of mental illness, and encouraging all beings of finding answers to their own path."

Essentially this book was written during the endless college breaks I had to endure, therefore it got me through my remaining year. I was either huddled tightly in the corner of the library writing pages of notes, or wrapped up on the furthest computer away from civilization typing away my thoughts. The experience allowed me to escape to another world, be consumed by Via's journey and distance myself from my own.
In fact I would go as far to say that the entire first chapter is not only based on a true experience, but also represented the average day of college-life which occurred each day. In the midst of whatever the hell my brain was thinking; that is one of the reasons this book means so much to me. It is a product of my own, in a sense, 'therapy'. I discovered a great deal about myself whilst writing it, and all the while intending to do the same to the reader.
In terms of the cover, it is illustrated/ digitally painted myself on the Galaxy Note Pro.

Copyright  © Becky Johnston
I think that the major part of what I initially aimed to inflict upon the audience is described in one of the reviews. If you totter along to the link of the book and read it for yourself, you will get the gist. It indeed delves quit deep, but that is the desired effect.
Despite having been managing the book from my bedroom throughout the week, in contrast to my usual routine I've been relatively busy- hence the lack of posts.
Anyhow, that's that quick update over and done with, please check it out if you fancy it, I would be eternally grateful.

Journey Through The Hidden-

Journey Through The Hidden-

Just briefly I would like to address the recent events which have been covered on the news, #PrayForParis. It is absolutely devastating, such an inhumane and despicable act. I cannot even comprehend how those involved must be feeling. My thoughts are with every one of them.


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