Saturday, 7 November 2015


Hello there sparklers,

Due to the unfortunate melancholy; something of another expressive poem was in order. Again it's all about personal preference, take from it what you will. The interpretation depends on your own situation, perhaps if it's thought about deeply and sincerely enough, this may just lighten your perspectives. (Plus I found the need to practically splurge my thoughts and feelings somewhere.) So let's skippedy doo dah right down to the poem...

Land of raw umber, digress from the lantern of glare,
Once gallant as elk, yet soon nimble and reclusive,
Charmingly apt since rejected, not ever we compare,
Heart tainted umber, our own resort abusive,

Land of raw umber, slump via ruin or waste,
Close to sluggard seal, pelting tides to guard then lounge,
Smearing back-side atop your dearest growth, futile if chased,
Heart spoiling umber, exploit our lust to scrounge,

Land of raw umber, a hunter ascending past misty skies,
Alike focused agile owl, if shrouded then fragile and unsteady,
Endurance drove them through, yearning your star to rise,
Heart blistered umber, our surrender desires the ready,

Land of raw umber, why is all a meaningless number?
Our heart, when dry, is umber.

There we are. I would have done a good ol' saga Saturday, but with my brain currently being a splattered sprout, I gave it a miss. I think some alternate 'arty' posts are something are what I'll focus on next. Who knows? 
Also, (having posted this on Facebook and people agreeing) I've only just realized it's suicide prevention week. Reassuring though it is, this shouldn't be restricted to just on week. Surely, preventing suicide is something we should always have in mind, therefore this week is simply for 'awareness'. Nothing is more important than saving a life. Too many websites are glorifying something so terrible as the act of suicide and feeling suicidal, it only brings shame and even more withdrawal to those going through it. But meh, now I've made my meager contribution to the week I'm off to watch fireworks through the window. 
I should also mention that this blog now has an 'official' domain name, yay, wahoo, yippee. But sadly this means all previous comments have been deleted/ reset. So I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge, huge thank you to all who shared, liked and commented. You were all so lovely and it's greatly appreciated.


B x